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The Show

Can You Feel It is a two hour, multi genre, independent radio show that airs Monday nights from 9 PM to 11 PM (Eastern) on WBCR-LP 97.7 FM in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. It can also be streamed through this website using the button at the bottom of this page.  The show includes several regularly and intermittently recurring segments such as a weekly set of cover songs of a particular artist’s work, a monthly Top 5 list of fun categories and the intermittently recurring segment “Can You Steal It” where two similar songs are compared and judged as to whether the second song might have borrowed too much from the first. 

The Host
Todd Lewis host of the Can You Feel It Radio Show

My name is Todd Lewis. As the host and producer of Can You Feel It I have three primary goals for the show.  My first goal is for listeners to make a connection to musical styles they may have previously considered not to their liking.

I think I have an “everyman’s“ taste in most forms of popular music. By that I mean, I love music from almost every genre of popular music, but normally not the extremes in any one of them. So while you can expect to hear hip-hop and rap you’re not going to hear hard-core gangster rap.  While you’ll hear plenty of rock ‘n’ roll, much of it fairly high energy, you’re not going to hear death metal or thrash. I love country music but not the furthest reaches of the spectrum. By airing the best and most accessible music I can find I hope to make it easy for listeners to open their ears and their minds and discover a whole new world of music.

And that’s one of the reasons I love doing the show. It keeps me in constant pursuit of new material and new artists to put on the air which means I’m finding good new music for the listener of Can You Feel It as well as myself.


The highest compliment I can receive is when someone tells me what a great new song that they heard for the first time on the show by an artist that’s new to them. I work hard on the Can You Feel It Radio Show and this website trying to put out the best product possible, and in doing so enriching myself and anyone else who wants to tagalong on this musical journey.

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