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Submit a Top 5 to be aired on the Can You Feel It Radio Show

Win This Record!!

The first 25 listeners to submit a "Top 5" list will be entered in the drawing to win a beautiful  copy of Pink Floyd's Classic LP Dark Side of the Moon.

Win a copy of Dark Side of the Moon

Submit A Top 5 List

Submit your own Top 5 list and have your songs, or parts of them, aired on The Can You Feel It Radio Show. Your top five list can be whatever you want it to be. It can be as simple as  Top 5 Songs, Top 5 Break-Up Songs,  Top 5 Albums, Top 5 Live Albums, My Top 5 Favorite Artists, etc.  Or it can be more specific like My Top 5 Favorite Rap Artists, My Top 5 Favorite Guitarists, Top 5 Guitar Solos.   Or how about Top 5 Keith Richards Song Intro Guitar Riffs?  Use your imagination!


I’ve put together a page of Top 5 samples to give you an idea of how it will be presented on the website and to help you write your top five list. To see some sample top five submissions Click Here

Fill out and submit the form below to have your Top 5 played on the Can You Feel It Radio Show and get you name entered in the raffle to win the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Record.  To learn more about the raffle Click Here

Full name and email are required to verify your submission.  If you wish for your Top 5 to be aired and published in the website's archive anonymously please indicate that by checking the box below and you can skip the next three boxes. 

 Remember, if you're wondering what to say you can check out this sample top five list

Click Here to Submit a Photo

Thank You for Submitting Your Top 5!

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